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Ever since the fateful night of Tupac’s murder the secret formula has gone missing. Countless rappers have tried to employ his techniques but have Never stepped near his realm. 

Instead what we have been left with is the Aftermath. The Aftermath is littered with rappers who try to feed off of Tupac’s Money, Fame, and Image.

The result leaves you sifting through endless layers of wannabe rappers to figure out if they have anything to offer.

We have been flooded with impostors who flash money and game but lack the content the world desires.

Fortunately for us the secrets to Tupac’s substance has been hidden in plain sight and are about to revealed.

I am nothing more than a casual rap fan. But I can’t help but be drawn to how effective Tupac was as an Artist. The lack of this effectiveness in other rappers made me research why Tupac was so efficient.

“My lyrics are blueprints to money makin”

-Tupac “Tradin War Stories”

Call Back Signature Strategy

Tupac was a master of creating unforgettable phrases and crossing them over numbers of songs. Every listener can identify who spit “Boss Player”, “Thug Life”, “Riders”, “Outlaws”, “Adversaries”, “Alizé & Weed”, or “Thug Passion”.

Tupac pounded these phrases in your head and they rung like a bell. He continually calls back these phrases and the effect is that you feel like you are “with him”.

This technique is very powerful for engaging your audience and making you identifiable. A rapper with the greatest flow in the world will not touch Tupac if they do not develop and use Call Back signature phrases.

Whats even better about the Call Back Signature Strategy is that it makes creating new content much easier. You will be able to build upon your “Signatures” as you grow as an artist.

Failing to use Callback Signatures is why so many artists are “one and done”. They may have struck a hit single but lack callbacks and lose their credibility. Now the audience has already figured out what you have to offer and its not much.

WRITERS ACTION: What are some of your possible Callback Signatures? Ask yourself if you can build a story around 1 Signature Callback Lyrics. Start incorporating that First Signature into other tracks. As you continue to grow add 2 or 3 more Signatures to your repertoire. Never have more than 10 or so Signatures as you run the risk of being to repetitive.

Money is the Motivation

Money is Universal. Everyone wants money but few know how to leverage money. People are so desperate for it all you have to do is say the word “Money” out loud and people will snap their head in your direction and pay attention.

This has multiple levels that can be leveraged and Tupac was a magician when it came to money.

“All I want is money fuck the fame”

-Tupac “How Do You Want It”

Tupac was well known for stories. Did you ever notice that many of his stories have a repeating theme? He often mentions the struggle to survive and riches of success. Rags to riches stories are so effective because it makes it feel like you have a fighting chance of making it.

Money-grubbing boss fired him. Now he’s laughing his way around the World making Millions.

But he didn’t stop there. Tupac rammed home the struggle and dedicated entire songs to the hardships and struggles people face.

When you understand someones pain and can say it better than them you immediately are viewed as an Authority. People will trust you and hold on to your every word.

Tupac knew this and used these stories as money making tactics.

WRITERS ACTION: What did the pain feel like when you were the most broke? What miserable events happened as a result of being broke to you or someone you know? Can you find a “Signature Callback” that touches on this subject? What would you do if money’s not a thang?

Scarcity through Death


Tupac’s ultimate demise was long prophesied through his lyrics. He knew that his “adversaries” were out to kill him and he was sure to let you know he knew.

Death was another recurring theme in his songs. Death (just like Money) is Universal. Death builds up tension and creates a sense of urgency.

Tupac capitalized on this urgency any way he could. No one was safe. Not even himself. He was so secure and real with death he included you in his prayer. When you hear him speak of God and Judgment Day you feel included and drawn inwards towards him. 

This is an enormous opportunity for you to draw listeners inward. Openly being able to admit your security with God will make you very real.

The overall sense of urgency death creates will keep your listeners coming back for more. People will want to know what is going to happen next. The whole country was dyingto find out what was going to happen with Tupac’s east coast west coast beef.

The play on Death and dying is a tight rope walk that should be very carefully maneuvered. It can be very cliche and fake. I highly suggest you not speak of Death unless you have come to terms with your own Death. You should want to live a long fruitful life. If you stare at death to long it will start to stare back.

WRITERS ACTION: How has someone’s death effected your life? What would you say to God about how you have been living your life right now? Do you know of a personal tragic death story?


Sex Sells. It’s that simple. But there is a hidden angle you can leverage and use to your advantage.

Surrounding yourself with the most attractive people creates an image others desire. People will associate you and your music with attractive people. Your listener will then want to play your music in order for THEM to attract attractive people.

You must harness the power to get THEM laid. Creating music that women can get behind and dance to is monumental to your success. Dancing women is the difference between hanging out and a party.

All of Tupac’s hit songs follow this method. He made himself extremely attractive to females but not on his looks and image solely. His product was like-able to women. Many of Tupac’s tracks feature women further cementing a female connection to his music.

WARNING: Over sexing your image may lose your male audience. Additionally over aggressive music may lose your female audience. In order to maximize your Money you must make your music and Image agreeable to BOTH men and women.

ACTION STEP: Hit the weights bro. Next time you go out go directly to the most attractive females. Instead of trying to spit game be cool and try to use it as a Photo opportunity for Instagram. Build up enough of these and people will take notice!

Can’t do it alone

Becoming a successful person requires many other people. People must believe in you and you must earn respect. If you think you are going to spit a few rhymes about how cool you are and make it you are in for a rude awakening.

The law of reciprocity explains that when someone gives you something you feel an obligation to give back.

This is massively important when you are working your way up the ladder. A way that you can do this is by guesting on someone else’s tracks. Reach out to someone else who is a rising peer like yourself.

Instead of viewing your competition as a hurdle you can view them as partners. This is an advantage on many levels. When you hit a writers block having other creative minds will boost you back up.

Tupac had countless artists on his tracks both male and female. He had a giant backing behind him of people ready and willing to help him at all costs.

Having varying voices on his tracks has a three prong effect.

  • One it ads a sense of depth and keeps you from tiring of his voice.
  • Secondly it creates anticipation for when he returns. The build up makes the return FIRE.
  • Finally guests will add length to your album run-time.

Tupac was known for his intense hard work and dedication. He truly was addicted to the whole process. In order for you to rise to the top you must also be addicted to the grind and enjoy what you do.

WRITERS ACTION: Do you know anyone currently at your level? Reach out to them and offer a favor. Initiating a small favor has the possibility of a Huge favor in return. Invite someone to open for you. Give them a shout out. If they don’t do the same you have grounds to start an attention grabbing beef assault. Be vicious and attack their insecurity and Crush your adversary.

These are the Blue Prints Tupac left for you to capitalize on. If you wanna be a Boss Player look no further than the steps above.  If you are already at Boss Status check beneath.


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